The Trillbillies

Tom Sexton, Tarence Ray, and Tanya Turner are the Trillbillies, broadcasting from the heart of the coalfields in Whitesburg, Kentucky. They began the podcast in the spring of 2017 as a way to debunk reemerging misconceptions about Kentucky and Appalachia as homogenous conservative hotbeds. The podcast draws national attention to political organizing in eastern Kentucky and Appalachia.
- Scalawag Magazine
The Trillbillies, as they call themselves, sit at the intersection of two trends: a podcast boom and a generational divide between older people who are more centrist and young leftists who ridicule them. It's a dynamic most visible on Twitter, and a point of frustration for the Joe Biden campaign. "We're not as well-read as your average, like, Brooklyn socialists, I don't think," Ray says. (His cabin is stacked with books.) Fans tell them their podcast offers "a kind of really detailed accounting of people living in late capitalism," he adds. "Really, we just wanted to describe what our lives are like here, but more than that, we have an analysis of the country, the way things are, that's informed by our very specific struggles and experiences here ... And I think that it benefits the left at large to hear that perspective.



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