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Progressive Speaker (PS) is an independent directory which features established and up-and-coming speakers who stand for free and fair elections, workers’ rights, universal healthcare, getting big money out of politics, ending U.S. imperialism, and other progressive calls to action driven by grassroots coalitions.

Interested applicants should provide articles and media (about them or written by them) that clearly state their progressive orientation. We are not the progressive police, but we want to feature speakers who truly have a progressive vision and something worthwhile to say. Bonus points if you have been featured on a popular progressive platform, magazine, or podcast (examples include: Democracy at Work!, The Young TurksThe Jimmy Dore Show, Michael Brooks Show, The Grayzone, Current Affairs, Jacobin, The Real News, Democracy Now!, and many others).

When approved, a speaker's page will look like this: Once the speaker's profile is published, interested individuals/groups will be able send inquiries directly to the email provided in the speaker's application. Speakers don't need to create an account or provide any personal data. To update their page, a speaker can simply email PS is a public-serving platform—creating a profile is free and speakers get to keep 100% of any speaking engagement fees.

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