Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Solomon Goldstein-Rose has been a climate activist since age 11. His education in engineering and public policy gave him a unique perspective on the intersection of what physically has to happen to solve climate change and what approaches might actually make it happen. Solomon ran for the Massachusetts state legislature at age 22 and got elected on a platform focused on climate change. During his term he passed several small energy and education policies and created local initiatives for civic education and engagement. He also taught training sessions for youth in communications and activism. In 2018 he canceled his campaign for re-election so he could work full-time on climate change at the national and global levels.

His outreach and analysis turned into the book The 100% Solution. In 2021 Solomon gave a TED Talk based on his book. He also cofounded and ran an impact investing project to accelerate underfunded climate technologies. Solomon has given local, national, and international presentations to activist groups, trade conferences, and public festivals. His talks help people better understand and internalize what truly has to be accomplished to avoid climate catastrophe and how solutions could actually add up.

Solomon lives in Leverett, MA, and makes time for hiking, farming, and theater.

Areas of Interest

Climate change, clean energy, political communication, activism, electricity generation, youth in politics

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