Jeremy Scahill, “#NoFascistUSA Emergency Meeting”

“Jeremy Scahill, a cofounder of The Intercept, exposes the role played by Obama and the Clintons in not only carrying out war crimes of their own but setting the stage for fascists like Trump and Pence to take these crimes to even greater and more heinous levels. After making clear that white supremacy is not new in this country, he asks, “Who would have thought that we would be talking about the Ku Klux Klan in the way that we are today?” He also lays bare the Christian fascist theocratic viewpoints and plans of Mike Pence and of Betsy Devos, the woman appointed to head the Department of Education under Trump who has actively destroyed Detroit public schools already and has deep family ties to other powerful theocrats and military mercenaries. Millions and millions know in their gut that Trump and Pence are terrible news. But on Monday night, December 19th, a powerful line up of speakers brought the truth to many tens of thousands that it is far worse than most can yet imagine. But that was not all, the evening was the launch of an audacious new movement,, which aims to rapidly transform the deep anguish and outrage, the something and outright terror that is felt by millions and millions in this country, into resistance and defiance and acts of political rebellion and radical art and No! Powerful enough to STOP Trump and Pence BEFORE they start. Yes, you read that right. The way to deal with fascism is to stop it before it starts. Get with it!”