Rest in Power, Michael Brooks

Progressive Speaker is intentionally set up to be as simple as possible. I (Zhivko) email folks who might be interested in reaching U.S. audiences for speaking engagements and then wait to see if they would like to join. I understand that those working in progressive media are extremely busy, because they don't enjoy the institutional privileges of their counterparts in mainstream circles. But when I reached out to Michael in November, 2019 his reply was simple: "I'm happy to do it."

Having watched him for some time (that beat at the start of The Michael Brooks Show will always be in my head when I think of him) I knew that he must be working long hours to be able to produce so much substantive content and get well acquainted with issues in the U.S. and abroad. Yet, he found time in his busy schedule to reply to me and be one of the first commentators featured on Progressive Speaker. This is who Michael was—always willing to communicate, to connect, to delve deeper.

To us watching from the outside it was clear there was something special about him. His courage, charisma, humor, and compassion for the working people of the world showed through each one of his segments (and who can ever forget that laugh?). Many of us relied on Michael's presence—not just his astute political commentary—to deal with our own challenges. He touched the lives of so many viewers and listeners that he never got to meet. I can only imagine the joy he brought to his friends and family.

Rest in Power, Michael. Your tireless dedication to helping the poor and working people of the world will echo through the ages. You helped amplify so many voices that needed to be heard. You made us believe that another world is possible. Thank you.