Jasmine Banks

Jasmine Banks is the Executive Director of UnKoch My Campus, a national campaign that works with students, faculty, alumni, and community allies to expose and prevent donors like Charles Koch and his network from being able to buy undue academic influence in an attempt to legitimize and bolster their political and corporate agendas. As Executive Director, Jasmine has spoken with students and faculty at a number of higher ed institutions about donor transparency and academic freedom. Organizing students, staff, and faculty to fight against Koch Funded influence, Jasmine has helped launch numerous campaigns across the country.

In addition to her work at UnKoch My Campus, Jasmine is the co-founder and co-host of the popular progressive podcast, Parenting Is Political, and co-founder of Reconcile Arkansas - a mutual aid collective that centers Arkansas’ most vulnerable community members: queer and transgender people.

Jasmine is a mother of four, eternal fan of Beyoncé, and passionate supporter of her queer Black community.

Areas of Interest

Digital Activism
Higher Education
Dark Money donations/influence
Philanthropy: Koch brothers, Non-profit industry

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