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Ultimately, we serve people like you who are interested in, or share, a progressive vision for our country.

As fellow progressives, we are inspired by our speakers' insightful, engaging, and fact-based narratives. If you are searching for independent, bold perspectives on current issues from leading progressives in journalism, community organizing, media, politics, academia, the arts, and everything in-between you've come to the right place.

Progressives recognize society's most pressing problems and address the systemic conditions that enable those problems in the first place. We believe in the interconnections of individuals and the philosophy that “when you hurt, I hurt." Drastically independent, we don't pledge an allegiance to news channels or corporations—we stand by the people who are already fighting to end inequality, exploitation, discrimination, and environmental devastation.

As it turns out, many Americans feel that way. "On issue after issue, American voters are firmly left-of-center, and in some cases ready to embrace our most progressive ideas," writes journalist and historian David Perry in his February 9, 2019 article for The Nation, before listing the evidence:

They want more gun control. They want increased abortion access. They want criminal-justice reform. Fifty-six percent of all Americans want nationalized single-payer health care, and nearly everyone wants the government to do more to bring down costs. Fifty-nine percent of registered voters support higher taxes on the wealthy. Fifty-four percent of Republicans and 70 percent of all Americans want to “soak the rich.” Even fifty-seven percent of people who identify as conservative Republicans support the main components of a Green New Deal. Seventy-two percent believe climate change is a threat. Everybody hates gerrymandering.

While progressives may disagree on how to get there, our belief in social and economic justice for all Americans, and fight against corruption in all of its forms, is what defines the growing progressive movement in the U.S. and around the world.

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