Andrew Revkin

Andrew Revkin is one of America’s most honored, experienced and innovative journalists and conveners focused on environmental and human sustainability. In 2019, he became the founding director of a new Initiative on Communication and Sustainability at Columbia University's Climate School. There he is building programs, training tools and collaborations aimed at bridging gaps between science and society to cut climate risk and spread social and ecological resilience. Building on more than 20 years of writing for The New York Time, he’s one of the inaugural cohort of writers on Meta’s Bulletin platform.

His Columbia Sustain What webcast, launched in March 2020, focuses on identifying pathways to resilience and sustainability in this pandemic time and beyond. In 300 episodes so far, the webcast has engaged more than 2 million viewers with hundreds of scholars, scientists, artists, and doers. Northeastern University Prof. Matt Nisbet, past editor-in-chief of the journal Environmental Communication, called the effort “brilliant and pioneering.”

He has lectured worldwide, at venues ranging from dozens of university campuses to corporate retreats, the Vatican to the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Areas of Interest

climate policy and science, sustainability, media innovation, disaster resilience, forest conservation, the intersection of arts and sciences

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