Progressive speakers and ideas in one place

There's a disconnect between what the American people care about and what corporate media chooses to focus on. This didn't start with social media, Trump, or flat screen TV's. The exploitation of workers, discrimination against people of color, calls for military aggression, and other "features" of our democracy have been in development for decades. As part of this process, progressives who challenge the status quo have been continuously pushed to the margins.

Progressive Speaker addresses this issue by connecting audiences with speakers who focus on money in politics, the climate crisis, social justice, income inequality and other topics that are central to the progressive movement in the U.S.

Our mission is to provide an independent platform for progressive speakers and to facilitate opportunities for transformational dialogue in the U.S. through:

Providing a space for established and up-and-coming progressive speakers

Currently, there are few places online where people can discover and contact progressives outside of the corporate press, social media, and for-profit political groups. We provide an environment where progressive content and speakers don't have to compete with sponsored ads and click-bait, or be buried by mysterious algorithms.

Connecting progressives to speaking engagements with U.S. audiences

We can't count on social media to save us from tyranny. What has been proven to work are real-life interactions around the issues people care about. This is why our ultimate goal is to see more progressives talk in universities, conferences, workshops and other places where their ideas can reach the public.

No corporate donations. No middle men.

Progressive Speaker doesn't profit from booking fees—once contacted, speakers get to negotiate the terms of their speaking engagement. This means that the support we receive goes directly toward facilitating more speaking engagements and generating more funds for progressive public speakers in the U.S.

Video Compilation: Progressives Who Inspire Us

Let's Work Together

We support the platforms of organizations that acknowledged the need for fundamental change in our society through bottom-up citizen participation. If you have a progressive podcast, talk show, YouTube channel, magazine, etc., we'd love to work with you.

Send us your inquiries and ideas at: [email protected].